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The Gin & Tonic Stage Show at Bar Convent Berlin

I thought I'd share the awesome stage set-up put on for my talk at the recent Bar Convent Berlin, since it was awesome. I gave a talk on the Weird and Wild History of the Gin & Tonic. The talk was sponsored by Rutte Distillery, and they went all out in creating stage props. 



The talk was divided into six chapters, and for each chapter there was a corresponding panel on the side of the stage. The panels were about 10 feet tall, and my "assistant," brand ambassador Steffen Zimmermann, opened the panel to reveal the illustration. 


Steffen and I got matching suits so that he could be "Maxi-Me." I found suits that have tulips on them to play up the Holland connection of the gin. 


The panels were based on stories in my book. The first one is a pope transitioning into a blood-sucking mosquito. The most fun one is a scientist discovering the color mauve. The top panel is the scientist discovering the color; the bottom half that opens separately is the scientist wearing a dress as he abandons science for the fashion industry. 




Thanks to Hanna Lee for taking and sending me these pictures, and the Rutte for sponsoring the talk, the props, and the special printing of the book!