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Twelve New Booze Books for October: Bourbon, Spies, Portable, Meehan, Bitters, NYC + SF

IMG_7848The boozy books, they just keep coming. 

As usual, the descriptions below are from the publishers and are not reviews by me. Links are to Amazon. 



3 Ingredient Cocktails: An Opinionated Guide to the Most Enduring Drinks in the Cocktail Canon by Robert Simonson

3 ingredient cocktails bookA collection of the greatest drinks of all time, modern and classic, all of which conveniently feature only three ingredients.

3-Ingredient Cocktails is a concise history of the best classic cocktails, and a curated collection of the best three-ingredient cocktails of the modern era. Organized by style of drink and variations, the book features 75 delicious recipes for cocktails both classic (Japanese Cocktail, Bee's Knees, Harvey Wallbanger) and contemporary (Remember the Alimony, Little Italy, La Perla), in addition to fun narrative asides and beautiful full-color photography.

ROBERT SIMONSON has written about cocktails, spirits, bars, and bartenders for the New York Times since 2000. He is the author of A Proper Drink and The Old-Fashioned, and a contributor to The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails and Savoring Gotham. His writings have appeared in Saveur, GQ, Lucky Peach, Whisky Advocate, Imbibe, and many others. A native of Wisconsin, he has lived in Brooklyn since 1988.



New York Cocktails by Amanda Schuster 

New york cocktails bookYou don’t need to be a mixologist from Manhattan or a bartender from Brooklyn to make more than 100 of the Big Apple’s most celebrated and classic cocktails!

With bars, lounges and pubs dotting almost every block in the city, the Big Apple has an unmatched and incomparable cocktail culture—and now you can travel straight to the epicenter of this trendsetting city with more than 100 creative, as well as classic, cocktail recipes. Take a virtual tour of iconic NYC establishments through breathtaking, full-color photography, scene-setting bar descriptions, and mixologist insights—and a plethora of party planning pointers, shopping tips, and must-visit hotspot suggestions make this the perfect guide to the cosmopolitan art of New York City cocktail crafting.

With thirst-inducing, full-color photography throughout, and cocktails inspired by New York City movers and shakers, writers, and mixologists, New York Cocktails features unique libations shared by the best bartenders in the City That Never Sleeps, as well as signature new twists on the classics.



Meehan's Bartender Manual by Jim Meehan 

Meehans bartender manualMeehan’s Bartender Manual is acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan’s magnum opus—and the first book to explain the ins and outs of the modern bar industry. This groundbreaking work chronicles Meehan’s storied career in the bar business through practical, enlightening chapters that mix history with professional insight. Meehan’s deep dive covers the essential topics, including the history of cocktails and bartending, service, hospitality, menu development, bar design, spirits production, drink mixing technique, and the tools you’ll need to create a well-stocked bar—all brought to life in over 150 black- and-white illustrations by artist Gianmarco Magnani.

The book also includes recipes for 100 cocktail classics--including Meehan originals--plus insights as to why he makes them the way he does, offering unprecedented access to a top bartender’s creative process. Organized by spirit base, the recipes contain detailed annotations and are accompanied by fine art photographer Doron Gild’s breathtaking, full-color photos. Thoughtful contributions from more than 50 colleagues around the world who’ve greatly contributed to global cocktail culture further contextualize Meehan’s philosophy. Timeless black-and-white portraits of these industry experts round out this comprehensive tome.

This densely informative, yet approachable manual is presented in an iconic package--featuring a textured cover with debossed type, rounded corners, and nearly 500 pages--making it an instant classic to be enjoyed now, and for years to come. Whether you’re a professional looking to take your career to the next level or an enthusiastic amateur interested in better understanding concepts like mise en place and the mechanics of drink making, Meehan’s Bartender Manual is the definitive modern guide.


Canadian Whisky, Second Edition: The New Portable Expert by Davin de Kergommeaux 

Canadian whiskyThis fully updated and revised edition of the award-winning Canadian Whisky invites you on a journey across Canada and back through time to discover the story of this unique spirit. Independent whisky expert Davin de Kergommeaux weaves a compelling narrative, beginning with the substance of Canadian whisky—grains, water, and wood—and details the process of how it’s made and how to taste it. He traces the fascinating history of the country’s major distilleries and key visionaries, and introduces the present-day players—big and small—who are shaping the industry through both tradition and innovation.
Newly designed, and now including a map of Canada’s whisky distilleries, over 100 up-to-date tasting notes, and a handy tasting checklist, Canadian Whisky reflects the latest research on flavour development and the science of taste. At once authoritative and captivating, this is a must-have resource for beginners, enthusiasts, and aficionados alike.

DAVIN DE KERGOMMEAUX is an independent expert who has been writing, talking, and teaching about whisky in all its forms and flavours for two decades. He is the world’s leading authority on Canadian whisky, and has been called “Canada’s unofficial whisky ambassador” as well as being named one of the most influential Canadians in Food and Drink by The Globe and Mail in 2016. He is a former contributing editor to Whisky Magazine, and has contributed to or co-authored eight other books about whisky, spirits, and cocktails. He now writes full-time, and is regularly featured in many websites and publications, including Whisky Advocate. De Kergommeaux is the founder and chairperson of the prestigious Canadian Whisky Awards and publishes comprehensive tasting notes on his website,


Prosecco Cocktails: 40 tantalizing recipes for everyone's favourite sparkler by Laura Gladwin

Prosecco cocktailsA collection of 40 delicious cocktail recipes featuring the Italian sparkling wine that has taken social drinking by storm—Prosecco!

Ah, Prosecco, how we love it! With its crisp, zesty bubbles and light, fruity flavor, Champagne’s perkier younger cousin is our favorite sparkling wine, hands-down. But what many of us don’t realize is that those easy-drinking qualities we love so much are exactly what makes it a fantastic base for cocktails, too. Prosecco’s sprightly bubbles combine brilliantly with all kinds of liqueurs and spirits, so it’s time to open the drinks cabinet and start experimenting—and Prosecco Cocktails is the perfect companion to get you started. There are Prosecco-led twists on the classics, like the Kir Royale or Prosecco Mojito; sophisticated apéritifs like the classic Spritz or the strawberry-infused Rossini; absolute party barnstormers like the Sangria Blanca, infused with white peach and basil; and intriguing sweet treats like the Wild Berry Cheesecake or Sparkling Parma Violet. Everyone enjoys the magical sound of well-chilled fizz cascading into a sparkling clean glass, adding its special cheer to any occasion. Now let’s take it to a whole new level! Whether you’re hosting an action-packed bachelorette party or a dainty baby shower, a sunny beachside cook-out or a festive holiday drinks gathering, an intimate meal à deux or a gossip-fuelled get-together, a fun family celebration or a soignée dinner party, the true joy of Prosecco is that it’s ideal for any occasion. Add the inventiveness of cocktails and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a fabulous time. And, well, why on earth not?


Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Book of Bitters: The bitter and twisted history of one of the cocktail world’s most fascinating ingredients by Adam Elmegirab 

Book of bittersCocktail bitters are an essential part of any bartender's tool kit, elevating good drinks into great ones. Discover the fascinating story of how bitters came to be a key ingredient in cocktails and try one of the 50 recipes provided by some of the world's best bartenders.

Bitters, those little bottles you will find in any bar worth its salt, are the unsung heroes of the cocktail world. Where would the Manhattan be without orange bitters? Cocktail historian and founder of his eponymous bitters company, Dr Adam Elmegirab presents the results of almost a decade of research into bitters, guiding you from the early days of snake-oil salesmen through to the birth of the cocktail, Prohibition, and the renaissance of bitters as an essential part of the contemporary bar scene.

Adam outlines each of the key botanicals that go into different bitters and explains the science of flavor, describing how each characteristic can be deployed for maximum impact, and summarizes the key techniques for making great cocktails. Most importantly, Adam provides 50 cocktail recipes created by him and some of the world’s leading bartenders. These exceptional drinks showcase the different characteristic of bitters and how they can refine a cocktail in unique ways.


Champagne: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroirs of the Iconic Region  by Peter Liem 

Champagne bookFrom Peter Liem, the lauded expert behind the top-rated online resource, comes this groundbreaking guide to the modern wines of Champagne--a region that in recent years has undergone one of the most dramatic transformations in the wine-growing world. This luxurious box set includes a pullout tray with a complete set of seven vintage vineyard maps by Louis Larmat, a rare and indispensable resource that beautifully documents the region’s terroirs. With extensive grower and vintner profiles, as well as a fascinating look at Champagne’s history and lore, Champagne explores this legendary wine as never before.

PETER LIEM is an American wine writer and the author of Following nearly a decade in the wine trade, he was a senior editor, critic, and tasting director for Wine & Spirits, and his writings on sherry, champagne, and other wines have also appeared in publications such as The World of Fine Wine, The Art of Eating, and The San Francisco Chronicle.




The Bourbon Bartender: 50 Cocktails to Celebrate the American Spirit by Jane Danger and Alla Lapushchik 

Bourbon bartenderThe Bourbon Bartender focuses on Danger and Lapushchik’s drink-making ethos, with fifty cocktails ranging from timeless classics and forgotten gems, such as the Old Fashioned and the Boulevardier, as well as cutting-edge craft concoctions, including the Green Monster and Shark Eye. The tome also serves up a short history of bourbon, tips for making delicious infusions and syrups, sidebars chronicling bourbon’s influence on American culture, short profiles of the country’s best bourbon-focused bars, fun facts the two uncovered during their time spent south of the Maison Dixon line visiting distilleries, and a calendar of bourbon festivals and events—everything a bourbon lover could ever want.

Alla Lapushchik is coauthor of Cuban Cocktails: 100 Classic and Modern Drinks (Sterling Epicure). She assisted with the opening of the Bourgeois Pig while studying at New York University before moving to Mayahuel, Death & Co., Desnuda Cevicheria, and 124 Rabbit Club. After opening Post Office Whiskey Bar in South Williamsburg, she opened OTB, which focuses on craft spirits and comfort food. Time Out New York included her among “Brooklyn’s New Order,” and she has been featured in Brooklyn Spirits by Peter Thomas Fontanale and Chris Wertz, Imbibe magazine, The New York Times, and Village Voice. She lives in Brooklyn.

Jane Danger is coauthor of Cuban Cocktails: 100 Classic and Modern Drinks (Sterling Epicure) and began her bartending career at CBGB before moving to Death & Co. and then PDT. She also worked at Little Branch and Dutch Kills before opening Cienfuegos and moving to Nomad Bar. She consults on and contributes to cocktail menus all along the East Coast, and her work has appeared in Food and Wine, Imbibe, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, New York Post, The New York Times, The PDT Cocktail Book, and Mr. Boston 75th Anniversary Guide, and on popular TV cooking shows. She lives in New York City.


Code Name: Cocktail by Vicky Sweat & Karen McBurnie

CodeName-coverWhat do you want? Information. What have we got? 40 sumptuous pages of cocktails, punches and poisons potions as imbibed by secret agents of mid-century fiction, including 13 original recipes concocted in our secret labs. Plus tips and tradecraft to weaponize your home bar.

Secret agents and strong beverages go together like Hitchcock and icy blondes, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and fluffy white cats, and without doubt, gin and vermouth. (Also clichés and spy fiction!)

Vicky and Karen presented a symposium, directed by Chris Karwowski, entitled The Spy Who Came In From The Pool based on this book at the 2017 Tiki Oasis weekender in San Diego. Two tipples from the book, The Cloak and Stagger Punch and The Ejector Seat, were demonstrated. All attendees survived, or so we are told.

What’s James Bond’s freakiest drink? Where did Harry Palmer learn to mix properly? Which cocktails are best with egg salad? What’s Alec Leamas’ favorite color? (Just kidding – that’s classified.)
All is revealed in the pages of Code Name: Cocktail.



The Modern Cocktail: Innovation + Flavour by Matt Whiley

UnnamedAward winning mixologist the Talented Mr. Fox traces the evolution of the modern bartender against the backdrop of cocktail history in THE MODERN COCKTAIL, out October 19th. More than 60 recipes made from spirit bases including gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon and cognac sit alongside expert advice on equipment and glassware for a complete kit to modern cocktail making at home. It also examines the alchemy of flavor and how to create interesting combinations, from creamy and minerally to fragrant and refreshing; boozy, dry and aromatic to savory and sour.

The Talented Mr. Fox is the brainchild of the highly acclaimed Matt Whiley, who is a mixologist and drinks consultant advising advises clients on every aspect of designing, running and managing a bar. He also creates his own spirits, cordials, syrups, bitters and cocktails.

Matt's achievements and reputation have led him to be named The Evening Standard's top 1000 most influential Londoners. His groundbreaking work has impacted the cocktail industry globally, having co-founded Fluid Movement and five award winning bars across London (Scout, Purl, Worship Street Whistling Shop, Talented Mr. Fox and Peg + Patriot). Matt has developed recipes for Highland Park Whisky, Facebook, ITV, Converse and British Airways.


Road Soda: Recipes and techniques for making great cocktails, anywhere by Kara Newman 

Road sodaIt’s often difficult for a cocktail enthusiast to find a decent drink on the road, especially when faced with the limited selection offered by hotel mini bars, airplane drinks carts and the great outdoors. Road Soda is the ultimate guide for on-the-go cocktail making, with tips and recipes from cocktail expert Kara Newman. Readers will learn how to become mini-bar mixologists; how to build portable cocktails in flasks, beverage cans and liquor bottles; how to make drinks for camping and tailgating, and more. Throughout the book, notable bartenders and drinks experts will offer tips for finding (and creating) the best drinking experiences no matter where readers’ travels take them.





Bay Area Cocktails: A History of Culture, Community and Craft  by Shanna Farrell

Bay area cocktailsAn American invention, the cocktail fluctuated in popularity following Prohibition and had firmly taken root in the culinary landscape by the 1990s. The Bay Area played a significant role in reviving it�as much as New York and London. From the distillers who pioneered craft spirits and Alice Waters� revolutionary take on simple, fresh food at Chez Panisse to the bartenders who cared enough to grow a dedicated cocktail community, this is the story of how the Bay Area shaped the art of elevated drinking in America. Through oral history interviews and recipes, author Shanna Farrell chronicles the narrative history of the modern cocktail renaissance.

Shanna Farrell is an oral historian with the Oral History Center at the University of California-Berkeley. She holds an MA in interdisciplinary studies from New York University and an MA in oral history from Columbia University. She lives in San Francisco, California.







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