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Booze on Cruises: Updates on Cocktails on Princess Cruises and Norwegian Sky

Alcademics reader and world traveller Warren writes in again with cocktail menus from aboard the Norwegian Sky, and updated all-inclusive drink packages about Princess Cruises. 

He writes:

I did a booze cruise to Havana on the Norwegian Sky. This ship is an all-inclusive, everyone onboard has an unlimited drinks package. Here are the menus.

Pool Bars, this is the plastic menu the outside pool bars use.
Pool Bars Menu
Main Menus 1-4, the drinks booklet at the various bars around the ship. The Atrium Bar also had the special 2 page Mojito Menu.
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Main Menu 2
Bar Hours, lists the various bars and their hours of operation.
Touch Screen, touch screens around the ship show various information screens such as lifeboat locations but of course this is the most important screen. Interesting that the ship is promoting this hangover prevention patch. I didn't try it so not sure if it works. I was quite surprised by how well behaved the guests were since everyone has a booze package. I saw no falling down drunks or misbehavior! 
Bar Hours
Bar Hours
Bar Hours
Princess Cruises Beverage Package 
Princess Cruises recently changed their All Inclusive Beverage Package, it is now called the Premier Beverage Package. 

The gist of the changes are; price per day increased to $68.99 per day including gratuity.
Drinks up to $12 are now included, previously was up to $10.
The big change is now there is a limit on drinks! Old package no limit, new package 15 per day.
From reports on the 15 limit is actually tracked and enforced. Non-alcoholic drinks don't count towards the limit and can be ordered after reaching 15.

I'm not sure if I've ever had 15 but on a sea day it wouldn't be hard to do. Attached is the details of the new policy.


Bev Pkg pt 1
Bev Pkg pt 1



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15 drinks per day. Assuming there’s one 1.5 oz shot of booze in each drink, that’s 88% of a 750 ml bottle. I’m not sure I’d want to drink that much a day for multiple days. Or one day. That’s not even considering the calories. Just the 15 shots of booze is about 1500 calories. All the mixers are going to double that easily. So over 100% of your recommended day’s calories just in the drinks. That doesn’t sound fun to me.

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