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Drink the World in 80 Days at the East Bay Spice Company

IMG_20171220_0001The Berkeley bar East Bay Spice Company has released their new menu in the form of a passport. 



It's both a drink menu, and a drinking challenge. The menu was designed by Dave Stolte of Wexler of California and author of Home Bar Basics.

The first section is the cocktail menu: 13 drinks for the season, including the Punjabi by Nature that includes their custom "Trade Winds" garam masala brandy made for them by Oakland Spirits Company. 





The second half of the menu is a selection of cocktails and sips from spirits around the world. Drinkers may complete a max of two "challenges" per day. Some challenges are a single cocktail, like the Batavia Arrack Punch from Indonesia, most are two cocktails from a country for about $20, and many are flights like  tequila, amari, and Indian whisky. 




Customers who complete all the 'challenges,' in order, within 80 days (there are 20 challenges so one could do it in as few as 10 days if so motivated), get their name on a gold plaque installed in the bar, as well as they are entered to win an all-expenses paid trip to Oaxaca. Sounds like a pretty nice reward for learning through drinking.




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Jeffrey Bryson

Great menu idea.

Great drinks.

I'm glad to finally learn of this place after having left my native Bay Area a few years ago. And particularly glad to see what's going on in Berkeley.

East Bay represent.

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