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Soup or Cocktails? It's Getting Hard to Tell the Difference

As bartenders play with drink formats and serving vessels, and as meat juice becomes an increasingly acceptable thing to put into cocktails, a few drinks are starting to resemble soup around San Francisco. Here are some. 


Split Pea Soup at Lolo. Peas and chicken? Also, garnish game is ON.

Bird and Seed - aquvit, lime syrup, chicken stock, green peas, fennel bitters, meyer lemon olive oil.



Ramen at Pabu. It's ramen inspired, minus the noodles, which are only in the name.   

Tastefull Noodz - japanese whiskey, cynar, chicken ramen, mirin, citrus

Tasteful Noodz taken by Timofei Osipenko
Tasteful Noodz taken by Timofei Osipenko


Cereal at Wildhawk. This one has been on the menu since opening - a breakfast cereal-inspired Negroni that comes in a bowl with citrus peel marshmallows.

Breakfast Negroni - Cocoa Puffs-infused Negroni served with citrus marshmallow shapes.

Photo "borrowed" from Wildhawk's Facebook Page



Mystery Drink at PCH - Kevin Diedrich has been teasing the internet with pictures from the next cocktail menu - not due out until July.  Not sure if this one is soup-like or if it's just the photo, but it makes me very thirsty... or hungry depending on whether or not it's soup.


PCH drink
Photo borrowed from Kevin Diedrich's Facebook page