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Backpacks in Bars

In the total tech bubble that is San Francisco, we have a lot of backpack wearers - where else to keep one's laptop? My office is in the Financial District and I often commute during rush hour. While most people on public transit do seem to understand that one should never wear a backpack on a crowded train, there are always those exceptions taking up space for two people and whacking everyone around them when they move. 

81hvrC94BML._UL1500_One positive trend is that the backpacks of the urban tech bro are getting slimmer. All the branded backpacks used to be the huge ones in which you could put a computer, lunch, and gear for a weekend trip. Now the new style, even for the free backpacks that everyone gets at tech conferences, is super slim ones that basically just hold a laptop and not much else.  9cbe9442bd3b75afb5b76d2179335d8c_large

I once heard a bartender refer to a place as a "backpack bar," meaning it is a place where all the tech bros gather after work. What a thing to be known for... But I'm sure the money is good working there. 

Backpacks are also awkward to store in bars - okay if you're at a booth, but they're not made to sit on barstools, or really even upright on the floor. They're okay if your bar has hooks beneath the bar top on which to hang them (note: and if it doesn't, that place sucks!) but then they're knocking into your knees. Backpacks: So convenient for walking, so inconvenient for storing!

At Pagan Idol super close to my office, I appreciate a simple backpack mitigation technique they use: The doorman, after checking your ID, tells you to please carry your backpack in your hands or wear it in front rather than wearing it on your back. I'm sure that with all the tropical decor, delicate ceramic glassware, and extra long straws, this little tip at the door prevents a lot of breakage. 



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