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A Very Stupid Eco-Luxe Cocktail Suggestion That You're Free to Use

You know how some (usually hotel or Vegas or London) bars offer a ridiculously priced cocktail in order to gain press? 

Like a Sidecar with pre-phylloxera cognac and Grand Marnier Quintessence?

Or a champagne cocktail with a diamond ring in the glass?

Or a Mint Julep in a real silver cup?

Or some other cocktail with $400 of edible gold and truffles on top? And sometimes they vie for the title of the World's Most Expensive Cocktail? 

Well how about this, since straws are so newsy right now: Sell your drink as an ecological awareness luxury cocktail and include one of these Tiffany rose gold vermeil bendy straws ($350) for the well-healed environmentalist to take home as a souvenir. Donate like ten bucks from the price of the drink to the jungle or something.