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The SF Marina is Strawberry Central for Cocktails

When I was writing up this year's list of 50 Most Iconic Cocktails in San Francisco, I noticed that many bars in the Marina District had a cocktail with strawberries on the menu.  I thought that was a pretty big coincidence.




My bartender friends tell me it's all probably because of the Strawberry Fields cocktail at the Tipsy Pig. The drink has been on the menu for a long time and it still sells like gangbusters, despite being relatively simple.

No doubt that other bars made their own strawberry cocktails to compete, or shall we say be complementary with the Tipsy Pig's version.

So I decided to see just how many other bars were serving strawberry drinks in the neighborhood. It turns out, at least 6 more of them. 

So go on and take a strawberry bar tour. You've got 9 strawberry cocktails over 7 bars in 5 blocks to hit! 


Tipsy Pig

STRAWBERRY FIELDS Russian Standard vodka, fresh strawberries, simple
syrup, soda water & fresh lime .

Don Pistos

strawberry mezcal: vida mezcal, strawberry, serrano 

Reed & Greenough

STRAWpeno: Jalapeño infused Vodka, fresh strawberries, cilantro, agave, lemon juice 


STRAWBERRY SPRITZ: Gin, Lemon, Strawberry Shrub, Sparking Wine 


The Dorian

JABBERWOCKY vodka, dragon fruit, thai basil, strawberry, lavender

STRAWBERRY KUSH bourbon, strawberry, white balsamic, orgeat, peppercorn bitters