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Come See Camper English Speak at Bar Convent Berlin

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be speaking at Bar Convent Berlin once again. 

Monday, October 8: 14:30-15:15, Demonstration Bar C

The Mixing Star Talks: Become a Liqueur Connoisseur

DownloadWe use liqueurs in the vast majority of cocktails yet rarely talk about them as a category. In this seminar we’ll review the history, art, and science of liqueurs made around the world. We’ll look at how they were born out of alchemy (early recipes included crushed pearls and liquid gold), as preservatives for fresh ingredients, or as delivery methods for bitter medicines. We’ll look at the legal categorization of liqueurs including denominations of origin, ingredients, level of sweetness and ABV, and whether amari are technically included. Finally, we’ll discuss their use in cocktails, measuring their densities to make the ultimate pousse-café, and hacking liqueurs to increase their proof or dehydrating them into non-alcoholic syrups and flavored sugars for use as garnishes, candies, and other amazing projects.

The talk is sponsored by Disaronno.  

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