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Map of All Distilleries Where Chartreuse Was/Is Made

I'm doing some research into the history of Chartreuse and learning so much. I'll share some of the info as I continue to gather it. Let's start with this.

There have been 7 Chartreuse distilleries. The most recent one just opened, and representatives from the US importer, Frederick Wildman, just visited it. 

Chartreuse map2

The first distillery didn't actually make the finished Chartreuse product but it was where the monks were given the recipe and probably experimented with it. The second distillery, Le Grand Chartreuse, is the location of the big monastery. 

  • 59db85190cf19Vauvert in Paris

  • Le Grand Chartreuse 

  • Distillery Fourvoirie

  • Distillery Tarrogone in Spain

  • Distillery Marseille

  • Distillery Voiron

  • Distillery Aiguenoire

On the Google map below, you can click on the legend and see the dates that each distillery operated, and some more information on a few of them. You might have to open it in a separate window to see the legend. 

For more information about Chartreuse's grand history, the website is here.

If you can't see the map below, you can access the map directly here.