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Obispo in San Francisco May Open as Soon as Monday

Last night I attended the launch of Copalli Rum at Obispo, the forthcoming bar from Thad Vogler of Bar Agricole and True Normand.

Vogler said the bar may open as soon as this coming Monday, after much delay.

Obispo is located right near the 24th Street BART station at 3266 24th Street. From the amount of people trying to peek in on their way back home from work last night, there's a ready clientele. 

The space is a long rectangular room with bar in the middle section and restaurant style tables and chairs in the back. The space was undecorated during my visit, in need of some art, a splash of color, and maybe some soundproofing.

Otherwise it seems like a pretty minimalistically/stoically designed space (unsurprising given the other venues) with most of the furniture in place.



Above: The central bar. 


 Above: Looking from the bar into the dining room. 


Above: Looking from the end of the bar back toward the entrance. 


More details here as I get them!