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Camper English Speaking at Invasion Montreal in May

I'll be headed to Montreal for the first time in a while (make that a very long while - the last time was for a rave) to give a talk at the Invasion Montreal cocktail conference.

I'll be speaking on Pro Day, meant for professional bartenders. Luckily my talk is in English, a language named after me. 



I'll be combining some topics from CocktailSafe with a tasting of Italian amari and vermouths. 


Delights and Dangers in the Cocktail World

Journeepro_camper-english-300x279This seminar will pair information about controlled ingredients and risky techniques used in the bar world with a tasting of delicious Italian liqueurs and vermouths. Many of these products contain limited ingredients including wormwood, quinine, and/or rhubarb that will serve as jumping off points for discussion about what plant products are safe, how much of each can be used, and where information about their legality is found. We’ll also discuss ingredients not in these spirits but sometimes used in the bar including tobacco, activated charcoal, and sassafras and whether they’re illegal or just ill-advised. We’ll talk about some risky techniques like foraging, fat washing, and chilling with liquid nitrogen, and finish with a discussion of allergen-activating and medicine-interacting ingredients like orgeat and grapefruit that are only a problem for some. Come sample safely and learn about danger!


I hope you can make it!

More information here.