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Tales of the Cocktail 2019 Seminars from Camper English: Allergies and Color

L_yUDd858mXq_660x0_mtdhGWCwTickets are now on sale for Tales of the Cocktail 2019.

Some observations: There are now a row of seminars on Tuesday afternoon. I'd guess the rooms are smaller since many of the cocktails are saying "Hurry! Only 15 seats left" within a few hours of tickets going on sale. 

Topics this year are geared toward bar managers even more than usual with no less than 4 seminars on sustainability, at least three on diversity and inclusion, a few on social media, and a bunch on budgeting and bar ownership.

This does still leave room for seminars on the actual drinks - some on literature and research of drinks, 101-level talks on a few spirits, and some fun-looking micro-topics like cream, grains, citrus, and Colombian spirits. Those are my jam. 

As always, some great seminars I'd otherwise go see are slotted at the same time as mine.

But speaking of my seminars, I have two this year: 




Moderated by Camper English


Royal Sonesta

Moderated by Camper English