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An All-Star Lineup (Including Me) at the Toronto Cocktail Conference in August

Tocc Cropped-TOCC-logo-wht-4I'll be speaking about CocktailSafe topics at the Toronto Cocktail Conference this August. Tickets are on sale now and $150 includes admission to all of the sessions subject to room capacity. 

They are doing a few things differently at this conference from others. In the first place, they require speakers to hang around - no flying in, giving a talk, and flying out right after. Part of the reason for this is that they're also running a Mentorship Program where attendees can schedule time with the speakers for 15 minute one-on-ones. 

At TOCC, we have created a mentorship program that we are really excited about. The mentoring is included in all TOCC wristbands. Many of our incredible speakers have volunteered their time for this program. You will be given the opportunity to sit down for fifteen minutes one-on-one with these industry leaders to have a conversation and to ask them whatever it is that you are wanting to learn about.

Enrolment for the mentorship program will take place the day before they occur. You can sign up for a Tuesday mentoring session by coming into Registration on the Monday. You can sign up for a  Wednesday mentoring session by coming into Registration on the Tuesday. There, you will have the opportunity to sign up to speak with the Mentors at a set time. During that time, you can grab a cup of coffee with the Mentor and start up conversation. We are working with on a first-come first-serve basis and you must enrol in person at Registration to secure your spot.

And just look at the list of speakers! I'm excited to be among them. Hope to see you there. 

Get your tickets here.