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Announcing the CocktailSafe Safety Poster

Poster thumbnail 05082019As you hopefully know, I, Camper English, am also the founder of CocktailSafe.org, a website about safer cocktail ingredients and techniques. 

The website was made possible by a grant from the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, but in order to continue its upkeep and expansion I need to raise funds. 

On the Support page, you'll see you can donate to the project (even make a monthly recurring donation), hire me to give talks (note: they've been really well received so far!), or work with us to do menu/drink safety reviews.

But this week, thanks to suggestion by Dehron Hite-Benson (who also designed it in Photoshop from my janky Excel file) we are making available for sale a safety poster.

The poster contains information on the top 20+ safety concerns in the bar, including tobacco, liquid nitrogen, activated charcoal, and homemade tonic water.

It is written for United States audiences as it includes some mentions of ingredients that are illegal in the US but not elsewhere. (Thus we're only mailing it to US addresses for now; perhaps in the future we'll develop an international version.)

The poster measures 11 x 17 inches and is printed on 80-pound unlaminated paper; just the right size for the back office, storage room, or walk-in freezer door.

I hope you'll help support CocktailSafe by purchasing one - or several - for your bar. We can also do a custom print run/bulk mailing if you're a brand or larger company. 

The info and ordering page is here.

Camper with poster crop2



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T.E. Awls

I can’t read it!


This past weekend I had a bartender ask me if I had a nut allergy when I ordered a drink with orgeat. First time that has ever happened. I was surprised and impressed.

Camper English

That's great!

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