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Rainbow Mini Ice Balls

I purchased a couple of ice cube trays online and made rainbow ice for Pride. 

Rainbow Ice Marbles55

I bought the trays on Amazon. The Hutzler 324 Ball Ice Tray makes 1-inch sized ice balls. It seems pretty good so far though I'm not certain of its longevity. 

The Mydio 40 Tray makes small marble-sized ice balls of about half an inch in diameter. It's made of high-quality silicone and seems super sturdy. 

Neither make clear ice (that's my jam, as you know), but the size of ice they make is very fun. 

51yMONGylEL._SL1000_To make the colored ice balls I used either commercial food coloring or natural colorings like turmeric and hibiscus. 

Then I just stacked them up in a glass in rainbow order.  Silly, fun. 

Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02