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Rainbow Mini Ice Balls

I purchased a couple of ice cube trays online and made rainbow ice for Pride. 

Rainbow Ice Marbles55

I bought the trays on Amazon. The Hutzler 324 Ball Ice Tray makes 1-inch sized ice balls. It seems pretty good so far though I'm not certain of its longevity. 

The Mydio 40 Tray makes small marble-sized ice balls of about half an inch in diameter. It's made of high-quality silicone and seems super sturdy. 

Neither make clear ice (that's my jam, as you know), but the size of ice they make is very fun. 

51yMONGylEL._SL1000_To make the colored ice balls I used either commercial food coloring or natural colorings like turmeric and hibiscus. 

Then I just stacked them up in a glass in rainbow order.  Silly, fun. 

Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02
Rainbow Ice Marbles02


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Benjamin Tran

Do you think if we made holes in them the spheres would be clear? I keep looking at The Aviary video and wonder about their Ice.

Camper English

@Benjamin Alas, not if they're colored. Freezing treats color like an impurity and pushes it around. If you use food coloring in an igloo cooler it pushes it all to the bottom, it's wild.
you could make them clear with a hole, but only if you set it on top of other water in the cooler .

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