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The Latest Trick Dog Menu Features Little Old Me

Trick Dog in San Francisco is known for their wild concept menus that change every six months. Everything from Dr. Seuss-style rhymes to voting posters to tourism maps.

This tweet lists them all, in a ranking I completely disagree with as the record album was one of my all-time favorites!


The latest menu, just launched after the 4th of July holiday, is a tribute to the hippy dippy Whole Earth Catalogue, called The Whole Dog Menu.

The Whole Earth Catalogue was between a DIY and a "back to the land" catalogue of a lot of tips for planting seeds and products for composting, etc. Read about it on Wikipedia.

Rick dog

You can view the entire menu at this link:  Whole Dog Catalog (PDF). In between the cocktails to order there are DIY tips, writings, a crossword puzzle, and other fun/goofy stuff. 

As explained in the SF Chronicle (requires subscription): 

The new Trick Dog concept also stretches beyond just themed drinks. The bar’s new menu is accompanied by an original story from author Rita Bullwinkel (“Belly Up”) and writing from students of 826 Valencia, a nonprofit organization that supports under-resourced students in their creative and expository writing skills.

Proceeds from the sale of the menu and cups are being put toward the newly founded Bon Vivants Scholarship, which exists through a partnership with Dave Eggers' ScholarMatch. The Bon Vivants, the bar group behind Trick Dog, has agreed to contribute $150,000 over the next five years to support the educational pursuits of five local students whose families work in the hospitality industry.


I was honored to be mentioned on the menu, in that my work on Directional Freezing to make clear ice was featured on page 12. 

Camper trick dog menu


I haven't been in yet to try the drinks (and buy a copy of the menu for my archives!) but will in the next few weeks. So go check it out and beat me to it!





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Miss Coctel

👋 HOLAAAA!!!! Me encanta el blog!!!! los invito a acompañarme a recorrer lo 50 MEJORES BARES DEL MUNDO (50 Best bars), incluido el increíble TRICK DOG!!! síganme en 👍❤ SALUUUUUD...OS AMIGOS!!!

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