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Creepy Halloween Mask Frozen In Ice Blocks

I'm up to my silliness again. I had the idea that I could freeze masks into ice blocks for decoration, so in advance of Halloween Superstores opening around town, I bought some masks on Amazon. 

I bought this terribly ugly Frankenstein mask, but as it's made of foam it just floats on top of the water rather than freezes inside the block. 

I also bought a set of cheap plastic "drama party kids face masks" and tried those. They sink inside the cooler (by the way, I make them similar to how I did this dinosaur head ice block using Directional Freezing in an Igloo cooler) so I was going to suspend it in the Igloo cooler from the elastic string on the mask, but instead I just left a tiny bit of air under the part of the forehead of the mask - you can see it pokes out from the block. The mask stayed suspended in the ice block pretty well. 

I left it to freeze for a few days and if I do it again I'll let it go a shorter time as the cloudy part of the ice formed on the bottom (behind the mask). But anyway it came out pretty cool. 

Mask White in Ice Block7
Mask White in Ice Block7
Mask White in Ice Block7
Mask White in Ice Block33
Mask White in Ice Block33


After I thought I was done with the experiment and taking pictures,  I was rinsing off the block in hot water in my sink. As I was able to pull the mask out of the block I found that the mask left the impression of the face in the block! It looked super creepy and now I'm thinking for future experiments I should see about other shapes I can press into ice blocks... 

Mask White in Ice Block13
Mask White in Ice Block13
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