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Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brands List

Here is a list of non-alcoholic spirits brands. There are a lot more of them out than I realized! 

Did I miss any? Please let me know and thanks to everyone who has been writing in. 

List of Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirits

Note I recently added links to purchase products on Amazon (look for "buy" links) if available in the US. Most of these products are not. 

  1. 52608823_2208723656045967_4959802790034538496_oSeedlip (UK) / Aecorn /NoGroni  [buy]
  2. Ceder's Wild (Sweden) [buy]
  3. Surendran & Bownes (UK) Labdanum
  4. Stryyk (UK)
  5. Herbie Virgin (Denmark)
  6. Pentire (UK)
  7. Three Spirit (UK)
  8. MeMento (Italy)
  9. Ghia 
  10. Fluere (Netherlands) [buy]
  11. Ritual Zero Proof (Chicago) [buy]
  12. The Bitter Note, Vibrant Note, Hidden Note (Italy)
  13. Lidl CeroCero [UK] review
  14. Sea Arch (UK) [buy]
  15. Lyre's [Australia] [buy buy]
  16. AtopiaMonte Rosso Non-Alcoholic Aperitif (still in production?)
  17. Xachoh
  18. Borrago  (UK) [buy]
  19. Everleaf (UK)
  20. Caleño [buy]
  21. Ginsin/Ronsin/Versin/Whissin  [buy Ginsin][buy gin sampler][buy Ronsin]
  22. GinFree - Aldi's version of GinSin
  23. Junip
  24. Silk Tree (Ireland)
  25. The Driver's Tipple (UK)
  26. Senser (UK) with "active botanicals"
  27. Celtic Soul (from Cedar's for Pernod Ricard)
  28. Feragaia
  29. Arkay
  30. ASDA Botanical Drinks
  31. Ecology & Co (New Zealand)
  32. Blutul Vermouth [buy]
  33. CeroAbstinence (South Africa)
  34. Nine Elms
  35. Crafted Spirits
  36. Spirits of Virtue (Scotland)
  37. Punchy Non-Alcoholic Spiced Rum (still made? no longer on website)
  38. Amplify (UK)
  39. Nona (Belgium)
  40. Lumette (Canada)
  41. Spiritliss (US)
  42. Brunswick Aces (Australia)
  43. Saint Non-Alcoholic Gin (South Africa)
  44. ISH Spirits GinIsh/RumIsh 
  45. Proteau (USA)
  46. Kin Euphorics (USA)
  47. Bax Botanics (UK)
  48. ALTD (Australia)
  49. Siegfried Wonderleaf (Germany)
  50. UnDone (Germany)
  51. Tinley Beverages [cannabis or "non-cannabis-derived plant terpenes "] (USA)
  52. Watersboten [buy]
  53. ROOTS (Greece) - Roots DIVINO Bianco & Roots DIVINO Rosso Vermouth
  54. Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24  Genever (The Netherlands)
  55. Kever Genever 0% (The Netherlands)
  56. LOOPUY_VIRGIN-PosterMonday Booze-Free Gin (San Diego) [buy]
  57. Nudo (Belgium)
  58. Gnista Spirits (Sweden)
  59. Sobrii (Canada)
  60. Wilderton (Oregon, USA) 
  61. Cordus Bitter Sweet Non - Alcoholic Aperitif
  62. Palermo non-alcohol red and white vermouth, aperitif 
  63. No Ghost in a Bottle Herbal Delight/Floral Delight (Belgium)
  64. Goodsack Virgin non-alcoholic vodka and gin (Netherlands)
  65. Loopuyt Virgin gin (Netherlands)
  66. Blancart Anise - Older n/a Anise product
  67. Cristal 100 Anise (France) Older product on market
  68. BdAdam & Eve Innocent Spirit (Belgium)
  69. Martini Vibrante and Floreale (Italy)
  70. Cotswold Green (UK)
  71. Quick Gin 
  72. Chastity Gin
  73. Berkshire Blend  
  74. Gin-Esque
  75. Kentucky 74 (US) [buy]
  76. Solbrü [Canada]
  77. Kvist 
  78. Mockingbird Spirit [UK]
  79. Windspiel-Alkoholfrei-0-5Damrak Virgin 0.0 [Amsterdam]
  80. Sacré [US]
  81. Guilty [Germany]
  82. Windspiel Alkoholfrei [Germany]
  83. Der Berliner Brandstifter Alkoholfrei [Germany]
  84. Humboldt Freigeist [Germany]
  85. JNPR and BTTR [France]
  86. Warner's 0% Botanic Garden Spirits [UK]
  87. Bonbuz [USA] with "amino acids, nootropics and adaptogens" and caffeine. 
  88. NLL (New London Light) [UK]
  89. Wilfred's Spritz [UK]
  90. Free Spirits GroupFlora Hemp Spirits "The World’s First Non Alcoholic Hemp Spirit" (CBD) [US]
  91. ZEO [UK]
  92. Sexy AF Spirits [Canada]
  93. Felix Spirituals [Georgia, USA]
  94. Free Spirits [California, US]
  95. Vera Spirits [Slovenia]
  96. M70a54KMGordon's 0.0% [UK] press release
  97. Beckett's Non-Alcoholic Spirits [CA, USA]
  98. Vermont VerGin [South Africa]
  99. Heimat Vogelfrei alkoholfrei [Germany]
  100. New London Light from Salcombe Distilling CO [UK] [buy]
  101. DHOS from Ransom Spirits [Oregon]
  102. Aplos Hemp-Infused Non-Alcoholic Spirit 
  103. Artet Cannabis Aperitif 
  104. Kinda Whisky, Rum, Pink Gin [Ireland] 
  105. Easip Fields/Woods [Germany]
  106. Flaneur/Flaneuse [Estonia]
  107. Distillerie Des Appalaches Alphonse [Canada]
  108. Bowser Leaf [UK]
  109. 206451760_336802718153946_2004349802251283203_nRasasvada "spirit restorative" [USA]
  110. Tanqueray 0.0% [UK] [press release]
  111. Spirited Euphoria [UK]  "distilled from hemp" plus CBD 
  112. Laori [Germany] alcohol-free gin
  113. Ginnocence [USA - Seattle]
  114. Ovant alcohol-free distillates [Australia]
  115. Novara Bitter Aperitivo from Bark and Bitter [Canada]
  116. Optimist Drinks [USA - Los Angeles]
  117. The Sober Bartender Spirits [Alberta, Canada]
  118. Amethyst NA Spirits [South Carolina, USA]
  119. Amass Riverine [Los Angeles, CA, USA]
  120. Sipsmith FreeGlider [London, UK]
  121. SeaDrift [Australia]
  122. Figlia [USA]
  123. Tenneyson [Austin, TX, USA]
  124. 271293199_240615408149688_1685324425690317380_nCrossip Drinks [UK]
  125. Melati Non-Alcoholic Botanical Aperitif [Singapore]
  126. Banks Botanicals [Australia]
  127. Eceaux Drinks
  128. Hellfire Bluff [Australia]
  129. SakuraFresh [Japan] Press release
  130. Herbarium [UK]
  131. Stillers Alcohol Free Distilled Botanical Drinks [UK]
  132. Djin Spirits [France]
  133. Selati Free Spirit [South Africa, coming 2022]
  134. Nulpuntnul1The Pathfinder
  135. Mokum Dusk [Netherlands]
  136. Slow Luck [Austin, Texas, SA]
  137. WhistlePig Devil's Slide [Vermont, USA]
  138. Palette by Bacardi Press release
  139. Sans Junipre Botanical Spirit from Great Lakes Distillery [USA]
  140. REBELS 0.0% [Switzerland]
  141. Nolow [France]
  142. Sir Chill Gin 0.0 [Belgium]
  143. OP Anderson Alkoholfri Snaps [Sweden]
  144. Bôtan Distillery Juniper Garden [Belgium]
  145. The Stillery Virgin [Netherlands]
  146. Opius [Belgium]
  147. High Point Aperitif and Digestif [UK]
  148. Marie Laveau 
  149. Maria and Craig's 
  150. HP Juniper [Canada]
  151. NEMA [Japan]
  152. BARE Zero Proof [US]
  153. APRTF [UK]
  154. Filibuster NA [US, coming soon]
  155. Four Pillars Bandwagon [Australia]
  156. Niets (otaniets Gin 0%, Havaniets Rum 0%) [Belgium]
  157. Seir Hill Non-Alcoholic Spirits [Connecticut, USA] 
  158. Cut Above [Houston, TX, USA]
  159. Dromme [San Diego, CA, USA]
  160. Polka [Australia]
  161. Dead Man's Fingers 0.0 Spiced Rum 
  162. Dr. ZeroZero AmarNo [Italy]
  163. MeShil [Korea]
  164. Limonzero [Netherlands]
  165. Pamos (cannabis)
  166. Seagram's 0.0% [Spain]


Possibly No Longer Produced Non-Alcoholic Spirits

  1. Willow.London [CBD] (off the market)


Low-ABV Versions of Spirits

  1. Temperance Gin from Portobello Road
  2. Hayman's Small Gin 
  3. CleanGin/ Clean R/ Clean T
  4. Atopia [Scotland]
  5. Mary  "The low alcohol, low calorie botanical blend"
  6. Beefeater Light, Ballantine's Light press release
  7. 18.8 Vodka and Gin from Fluid Assets


Some Sources where I found these:




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Joseph Cassidy

What a fantastic list! I can add one suggestion: Bax Botanics are quite an exciting, UK-based brand.

Camper English

Thanks - Nice bottles! I added them to the list.

Timothy S McDonald

Howz the Ritual Zero stuff thinking it is quite available here? Wow, what a great job on the list! Now go have a Whisky. Cheers, T

Ana jovancicevic

What exactly constitutes a non-alcoholic spirit?

Camper English

I would say it's a non-alcoholic (legally so less than .5 % ABV) product meant to replace or play the part of the base spirit in cocktails. They can also be mixed with spirits in drinks to reduce the overall ABV of cocktails. Typically they try to match the heat/burn of alcohol in some way.

Camper English

Some try to be direct replacements for the spirit - "non-alcoholic gin" while others try to be their own flavors not tied to an imitation.


Another article for reference:


Hey Camper, here are some to add to your list. It keeps on growing almost daily .... Ronsin (Spain), Willow.London, Siegfried Wonderleaf (UK).

Camper English

Haven't tried it yet but it's $25 and that includes shipping so it's on my to-do list.

Camper English

Thank you! I'd initially not included Willow as it's CBD but I suppose that's another way of replicating the impact of alcohol.

George T

A new one to add to the list with multiple flavors. Looks like it will be available in a few different states.
- Beckett's


The first Canadian RTD G&T with 0,5% ABV made in Quebec, Canada.
Product launched in February and its a success!


there are a few more UK ones here:


Few more on

Rosemary Carroll

Canada now has its first non alcoholic spirit. Lumette from Sooke on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada.


A few additions from Germany, though only regionally available:

- Guilty (
- Windspiel alkoholfrei (
- Berliner Brandstifer No Gin (
- Humboldt Freigeist (

All of them more or less resembling gins from style.

Camper English

Thank you so much! I added them to the list above.


Hi Camper,

Here's a new french alcohol-free brand I just discovered


Camper English

Thanks! I've added it to the list.


another popping up:

Camper English

@Cindy thank you!


You should add Laori from Germany

Camper English

@Stella Thank you I have added it.

Shelley Elkovich

Hi Camper!
Please add For Bitter For Worse to this awesome drinks list. Cheers!

Camper English

@Shelley This is a list of n/a spirits, whereas FBFW are advertised as cocktails. It's hard to know where the line is for a lot of these, as some others advertised as spirits are herbal beverages as well.

Ed Finder

Which are the top ten in volume sales ? I’m Order of sales $ volume?? Ed Finder [email protected]


One leading the premium sector is Melati Drinks :


Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha is the world’s first champagne-inspired kombucha

Amy Dinneen-Owen

Hello! A couple to add to this lovely compilation, The Pathfinder from Seattle, WA, and Curious Elixirs from NYC. Curious is not necessarily a 1:1 replacement, they use herbal formulas to mimic some of the desirable elements of alcohol so they may fit in with the producers above.

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