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Make Clear Ice Balls Using a Thermos

Clear Ice in Cook's Illustrated

Hopefully if you're a regular reader of Alcademics you know all about how to make crystal clear ice in a variety of ways, so you're not going to learn anything from this post!

I just wanted to denote and share for posterity a mention of my clear ice process was in Cook's Illustrated in the January/February 2020 issue.

The section is online at this link.  

Cook-s-illustrated-Cover-2020-January-1-Issue IMG-7511


Interestingly, they also reposted the Clarified Milk Punch article that I wrote with Cook's Illustrated editor-in-chief Dan Souza. The story originally went up in 2016 on Cook's Science (RIP). However, they also recently produced a video about the process that you can view below.





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You’ve hit the big time! I use their cookbooks quite often. Although I don’t often cook with ice.


Close but no cigar.....cloudiness at the bottom? FAIL, do you chip that off,

The Tovolo 4 ball maker works great

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