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A Few Upcoming Talks

Camper at Tales 2019 (4)I'll be giving a few talks in the next few months and wanted to mention them in case anyone lives in the area and hasn't heard about them yet. 

I don't have access to tickets for any of them but if you need info reach out and I'll tell you the contact. For the USBG events, you need to be a member to attend. 


Sacramento February 26: A quick talk on the Gin & Tonic at Sacramento Artisan Spirits Mini Trade Show. (For people in the bar industry; let me know if you need the link.)

Fort Lauderdale March 3: A talk on CocktailSafe and a quick Gin & Tonic talk at USBG Palm Beach meeting.

Houston March 31: Allergies and Cocktail Menu Labelling at USBG regional meeting. 

San Francisco April 1-2: An event at the Hangar One Distillery in Alameda, details forthcoming. 

I'll also probably be speaking at Bar Convent Brooklyn in June.

And at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this July I'll be giving three talks. Details in early March.