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Mocktail Thesaurus - Alternatives for the Word Mocktail

Many people have an extreme dislike of the word "mocktail," and a thousand and one Facebook discussions later, I've decided to put all the suggested alternatives for the word in one place.

So if you're looking for a new section heading for your bar menu, or you're a journalist writing the 4000th Dry January story and need some new words to use, this list is for you!


Non alcoholic menues
Menus from PrettyUgly (Toronto), North Shore Distillery (Chicago), Zona Mexicana (San Francisco), Zyankali Bar (Berlin), Sushi By Bou (Multiple locations)


Please let me know if  I missed something! 

      1. 0% ABV
      2. 86 ABV
      3. abstinence drinks
      4. alcohol free
      5. all ages show 
      6. almost cocktails
      7. barely legal
      8. baseless
      9. boozeless
      10. chauffeur's choice
      11. cocktail adjacent
      12. coolers
      13. designated drivers
      14. drinks for your endurance
      15. driver friendly
      16. driver's choice
      17. dry cocktails
      18. dry liquids
      19. even keel
      20. fauxtails
      21. free-spirited cocktails
      22. freetails
      23. gentle spirit
      24. g-rated
      25. immaculate concoctions
      26. jerk soda
      27. junior varsity
      28. kiddie cocktails
      29. lie-bations
      30. liver friendly 
      31. loopholes
      32. low test
      33. maternatinis
      34. minor indulgences
      35. no ABV
      36. nolo
      37. nocktails
      38. no knocktails
      39. non-alcoholic 
      40. nonnies
      41. nontoxicants
      42. no octane
      43. no proof 
      44. not just for kids
      45. not quite cocktails
      46. not-tails
      47. n.w.a. (nothing with alcohol)
      48. on the wagon
      49. pacers
      50. PG
      51. placebos
      52. preggatinis
      53. rated E for Everyone
      54. refrainers
      55. refreshers
      56. safe for work
      57. shallow end
      58. sober drinks
      59. soft cocktails
      60. soft drinks
      61. spirit-free
      62. teetotalers
      63. teetotaler tipples 
      64. temperance drinks
      65. tonics and refreshers
      66. uber juice 
      67. unleaded
      68. virgin
      69. volcano sacrifice
      70. Volstead approved
      71. without alcohol
      72. without proof
      73. zero alcohol
      74. zero-proof


Got other ideas? Let me know! 



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Alex Wregg

As a child, I would get a Virgin Mary when my father got his real one.

An air hostess called it "A Bloody Shame."

Sadly doesn't work for every drink.

Camper English

Hah! That's a good one.

David Nardolillo

A restaurant in my neck of the woods uses the label "free spirited cocktails" for its non-alcoholic offerings


That's great! I'm going to add it to the list, thanks.

Francis Schott


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