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Craft Cutty Bangs? One Bar's Fun Pivot to Cocktails To-Go

Side_hustle_1During the San Francisco Bay Area's mandatory bar closure due to coronavirus, bars have been allowed to sell cocktails to go - but only if they're a restaurant. Venues that don't sell food are limited to selling only sealed bottles of alcohol plus beer and wine. 

The craft cocktail bar/club Hello Stranger in Oakland, which does not sell food, has come up with a fun way to let people have their cocktails to-go, paying tribute to a Bay Area drink. 

You may have heard about Cutty Bangs, a tradition from corner stores often in the 'hoods. These are a couple mini bottles of liquor and typically a single can of mixer grouped together (often in ziplocks) with cocktail names like High Speed #2 and Jet Fuel. To enjoy them, you grab a to-go cup that you fill with ice from the store and when you're out on the street you pour the mixer and alcohols into the cup for a street cocktail. 


At Hello Stranger, they're doing pretty much the same thing, but classier and from a to-go-only window in front of the bar. They've already got a website up just for it, HellaBanged.


Strange times call for stronger beverages! And we have you covered with our exclusive line of HellaBanged Cocktails. The ultimate party starters inspired by the Bay Area's famous Cutty Bangs of yore. You'll get a super sized 32 oz. cup of crushed ice + a goodie bag with all the ingredients you need to build your own bespoke cocktail inspired by corner store culture.

Start the night with a HellaBanged 'Twerk Train' which includes a heavy pour of Vodka (two shots!), Campari, grape juice, grapefruit soda, and a dash of talent powder. Pour all the ingredients into your iced cup and garnish with a rainbow sour candy stripe.

For the professionals, the HellaBanged 'Side Hustle' goes extra strong on the Hennessy VS (two shots!) with pure peach nectar, ginger beer, and some infamously concentrated bitters from Trinidad and Tobago. Served in a giant party cup with ice and candy garnish.

Have an early morning conference call? It doesn't mean you can't still take the edge off today. What better way than with a Don Julio Blanco Paloma or a Jamie & Ginger with authentic Jameson Irish Whisky. Grab a cocktail kit and enjoy the good life.

What a fun way to make some good of a bad situation. 



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