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Craft Cutty Bangs? One Bar's Fun Pivot to Cocktails To-Go

San Francisco Bay Area Bars with Cocktails To Go

90704752_10221217057792229_4711904738067611648_nIn order to weather the storm of bars and restaurants closing during the coronavirus outbreak, laws have been loosened to allow to-go alcoholic beverages:

  • Bars and restaurants that sell food may sell beer/wine to-go, and now also cocktails to go. They can also sell full bottles of liquor from inventory.
  • Bars that do not sell food may sell full bottles of liquor from inventory. 

Note that bars that sell food must sell food with their cocktails to go. 

I will keep building this list, so feel free to email me any new finds: alcademics at gmail 

Please note that this is not a list of restaurants offering take-out/delivery nor of bar GoFundMes. 


San Francisco Bars Selling Cocktails To Go


San Francisco Bars Selling Bottles of Alcohol To Go


Bay Area/East Bay Bars Selling Cocktails To Go


Bay Area Bars Selling Bottles of Alcohol To Go 


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Alexis Thomas


I called a few east Bay places trying to place orders for pickup, but they never answered. Do we know the specific hours for pickup?


Khaled Dajani

Nihon Whisky Lounge / Bar 821 both doing bottles to go and cocktails via their sister restaurant POP UP boutique shop at 1306 Fulton street / Divisadero and now in their 3td week

Please check https://sf.eater.com/2020/4/3/21207168/niku-one65-whisky-whiskey-nihon-locker-coronavirus

1217 Sutter

Anyway to add 1217 Sutter to your running List?


Need some place(s) west of Twin Peaks!🍻🇮🇪🍷🍸🍹

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