Testing Out The Ghost Ice Clear Ice Tray Insert
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Ice Tools Recommended by Camper English of Alcademics

These are the ice tools that I have used and recommend. Most of these products are used/shown in The Ice Book. Most of these links go to Amazon. 

If you're coming to this page fresh, you'll want to check out the Index of Ice Experiments here on Alcademics.


Clear Ice Cube Trays


Ice Picks

  • Three-Prong: Most of the time I just use a 3-pronged ice pick for cutting up blocks of ice.  Several manufacturers make the same model. I have one by Fortune Candy.
  • Cheap: Three-pronged pick.
  • Single-Prong: I rarely use a single-prong ice pick, favoring the three-prong one in nearly all situations. I do have the Anvil Ice Pick and it's well-made.  


DIY Ice Cube Trays using this method

  • I found that this tiny cooler fits a 2.5 inch ice cube mold perfectly! 
  • Ice cube trays - Any of the large 2-inch silicone ones from Tovolo, CocktailKingdom, etc. 
  • Drip Irrigation Standard Tubing Hole Punch pokes small holes, but you can also use a metal straw or piece of metal tubing to poke nice round holes in ice cube trays. 


Cooler to Make Clear Ice 

  • I use a small cooler - about 12-pack size- nearly every day. The Igloo Legend 6 is about that size.


Clear Ice Balls, Death Stars, Skulls Using a Thermos

  • Thermos: As I wrote about here, I typically make ice balls using a Thermos Funtainer and 2.5" ice ball molds. Since then I have favored a Yeti tumbler, particularly for the Death Star molds.
  • 2.5" Ice Ball Molds: Here is one that looks like what I buy but these links tent to change. Just be sure to buy 2.5" ones that are separate rather than stuck together in a 4-pack.
  • Death Star Ice Mold
  • Skull Ice Molds


Small Ice Balls


Patterned Ice


Knives, Chisels, etc. 


Misc Ice Tools

  • Polishing cloths: These are good for holding ice while you cut ice diamonds or spheres; they don't stick to the ice nearly as much as typical kitchen towels.
  • Cut-Resistant Gloves: I don't use these at home in favor of the polishing cloth, but for my ice classes my students wear them. These are cheap ones that probably don't offer much protection. 
  • Ice Ball Press: Makes 55mm ice spheres (a little small) from a cubes. 


For Larger Programs - Bars and Events

  • The Ghost Ice Tray makes 48 2-3-inch cubes in about 2 days, and new inserts make Collins spears and there are sphere trays on the way. 



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The Clearly Frozen system is straight junk. Poor quality (cheap packing material base and a silicon tray) and does not make square or clear cubes. The open top leads to a nonuniform surface and the cubes are not clear all the way through.

I gave this a shot after using Wintersmiths for years, with great results. You get what you pay for.

Benjamin Tran

Everyone here is scared to use the Ghost Ice tray hahaha! There are noticeably less reviews about it!

Camper English

@Benjamin I mean, the price is high but it's top quality, as recommended by *me* hehe.

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