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A Last Batch of Drink Books in 2020

A last blast of new booze books before the end of the year! 

As usual, the descriptions come from the publishers and are not reviews. 


How to Drink Like a Royal by Albert W. A. Schmid 

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51Letp86UxL._SX319_BO1 204 203 200_"Royalty." A single word that invokes daydreams of champagne, lavish lifestyles, and extravagant parties. In How to Drink Like a Royal, Albert W. A. Schmid offers readers a taste of how the other half lives, with cocktail recipes inspired by some of the world's most famous dynasties. To ensure that you will delight even royal guests, Schmid also provides tips for proper etiquette, such as the requirement to stand if the Monarch is standing and to never, ever try to take a selfie. Discover cocktails like the Golden Doublet, created to celebrate the marriage of England's Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, or the Savoy Royale created for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on her visit to the Savoy Hotel, London. Other recipes give ode to royal families from works of literature, like the Beowulf Cocktail honoring King Hrothgar of the Danes. Even the royalty of the United States is featured through the Hawaiian Martini, an homage to the Hawaiian royal family who reigned from their palaces until 1893.

With easy-to-follow glossaries for both royal and cocktail-making terms alongside 180 reciepes for a wide array of drinks that will quench any sort of thirst, How to Drink Like a Royal is an informative and light-hearted manual to help you cultivate your inner prince or princess.




Have Yourself a Merry Little Cocktail: 80 Cheerful Tipples to Warm up Winter by Emma Stokes

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51MS6NrozaL._SX330_BO1 204 203 200_Warm up this winter with the toastiest of tipples

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than to welcome your guests in from the cold with a tasty tipple?

With easy-to-follow recipes for Pumpkin Punch, Smoky Bourbon Bonfires, Jingle Juice, New Year Negronis, the trusty classics, and plenty of non-alcoholic options too, you'll be feeling festive AF all winter.

Carve the pumpkins, stack the bonfire, deck the halls, and let's get merry!






The Terroir of Whiskey: A Distiller's Journey Into the Flavor of Place by Rob Arnold 

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51afRqSoTsL._SX331_BO1 204 203 200_Look at the back label of a bottle of wine and you may well see a reference to its terroir, the total local environment of the vineyard that grew the grapes, from its soil to the climate. Winemakers universally accept that where a grape is grown influences its chemistry, which in turn changes the flavor of the wine. A detailed system has codified the idea that place matters to wine. So why don’t we feel the same way about whiskey?

In this book, the master distiller Rob Arnold reveals how innovative whiskey producers are recapturing a sense of place to create distinctive, nuanced flavors. He takes readers on a world tour of whiskey and the science of flavor, stopping along the way at distilleries in Kentucky, New York, Texas, Ireland, and Scotland. Arnold puts the spotlight on a new generation of distillers, plant breeders, and local farmers who are bringing back long-forgotten grain flavors and creating new ones in pursuit of terroir. In the twentieth century, we inadvertently bred distinctive tastes out of grains in favor of high yields―but today’s artisans have teamed up to remove themselves from the commodity grain system, resurrect heirloom cereals, bring new varieties to life, and recapture the flavors of specific local ingredients. The Terroir of Whiskey makes the scientific and cultural cases that terroir is as important in whiskey as it is in wine.



Journey of Sake: Stories and Wisdom from an Ancient Tradition

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514w41aI8AL._SX350_BO1 204 203 200_Sake, Japanese fermented rice wine, is said to date back two thousand years, and now the rest of the world is catching up on its rich and pleasing taste.

Now we can enjoy sake in restaurants in many countries, but it is very special to visit local breweries in Japan and feel the atmosphere of where the sake is born. More and more, sake breweries all over Japan are welcoming foreign visitors, and in this book, international sake sommelier Takashi Goto introduces ten local sake breweries. Through beautiful photographs and detailed descriptions of the breweries and as well as by evoking the devotion of sake professionals, this book is a true celebration of the ancent tradition of sake.

Featuring useful information, including basic knowledge on sake as well as tips to enjoy it either at home or in restaurants or in traditional settings, this book will be a wonderful companion to all sake lovers--beginners and avid enthusiasts alike.


Apotheke: Modern Medicinal Cocktails by Christopher Tierney, Erica Brod 

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51AxfYvsT6L._SX389_BO1 204 203 200_Discover the techniques behind crafting your favorite concoctions from this first and only compilation of the renowned Formula List creations from Apotheke, the original New York City cocktail apothecary that applies mixology to the world of plant science wellness.

With its 1800s-Parisian-absinthe-den vibe combined with an air of opium-den secrecy, Apotheke is a unique urban apothecary that provides a multi-sensory experience for its clientele. Talented botany-minded mixologists, dressed in lab coats labeled “Dispensing Chemist,” experiment behind the glowing marble bar with local and exotic herbs, botanicals, and tinctures. Much like herbalists and apothecaries have done for thousands of years, they balance science, art, and flavor cultivating healing ingredients in boundary-shattering cocktail formulas that offer the amazing healing power of plants.

In Apotheke, the creators of the popular speakeasy with locations in Manhattan and Los Angeles share their holistic approach to drinking well, delving into the use of alcohol as medicine, the story of the establishment’s creation, and exploring the signature house-made ingredients; local and organic botanicals, tinctures, and produce; and ancient healing herbal combinations that have put the storied speakeasy on the map.

With a beautiful design that echoes the award-winning décor of their establishments, this modern wellness handbook also features the first-ever compilation of fifty of Apotheke’s renowned Formula List creations to recreate the flavorful medicinal mixology of Apotheke at home, with recipes such as Kale in Comparison, Forlorn Dragon, Sitting Buddha, and Paid Vacation.

Cheers to good health!



Düngeonmeister: 75 Epic RPG Cocktail Recipes to Shake Up Your Campaign by Jef Aldrich, Jon Taylor 

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51F7Qb+O5nL._SX398_BO1 204 203 200_Celebrate your campaigns and conquests with these 75 fun, RPG-inspired cocktail recipes your whole gaming group will love!

Make your next gaming adventure even more fun with this collection of 75 RPG-inspired cocktails! Featuring fantasy-themed libations from the boozy Dragon the Beach and a Potion of Strength to a sneaky Stealth Check shot and a Never Split the Party Punch, you’ll keep spirits high and your friends happy during your next dungeon-crawling tabletop adventure.

Complete with easy-to-follow, accessible instructions, Düngeonmeister also includes funny jokes and hilarious asides that will take your campaign (or your next gathering) to the next level!




American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell by David Jennings 

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51YqEcWwzRLThe story of Wild Turkey is in many ways the story of bourbon itself. From the struggles of nineteenth-century immigrants, to the triumphs of the longest-tenured master distiller in the world, a bold, uniquely American spirit emerges.

American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell is a tribute to the perseverance of two families, each perfecting their passion through extraordinary circumstances. It’s a testament to Jimmy Russell and his sixty-five years of unmatched dedication to quality. And much like a glass of fine bourbon, it’s a journey – a personal reflection on something carefully crafted over time. This book is a love letter to Wild Turkey that all bourbon enthusiasts can raise a glass to and enjoy.





Splash: Modern Classic Cocktails by Ivy Mix (Author), Whoo Kid 

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4119aA7pImL._SX322_BO1 204 203 200_Splash is destined to become one of the definitive resources in modern cocktail culture. With drinks created by Ivy Mix, a James Beard nominee who is one of the best-known bartenders in the United States. She won the Spirited Award for Best American Bartender of the Year at Tales of the Cocktail, and Wine Enthusiast named her "Mixologist of the Year." Ivy has been piling up even more accolades at Leyenda, the pan-Latin cocteleria she opened in Brooklyn with long-time mentor and New York cocktail maven Julie Reiner. Leyenda is listed as one of the Best Cocktail Bars in America.

Splash sets a fresh and unique tone for cocktail books by bringing us innovative new cocktails and never before told celebrity tales. The book will feature celebrity stories curated by Whoo Kid, who is one of the most influential DJ's in the music industry. He started his career as 50 Cent's DJ. He is also a highly sought after producer and radio-host on Eminem'sShade 45 on Sirius XM. Whoo Kid is a cornerstone and creative force in American music and entertainment.

With Splash Ivy Mix brings you recipes to suit any occasion. You'll find an informative introduction packed with all the essential knowledge an experienced or new mixologist needs to create the over 100 original and inventive recipes, filled with high-quality photography, charts and infographics, and colorful and entertaining stories from Whoo Kid's A-list friends. Splash is not only a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts around the globe; it is also an iconic pop culture piece. Splash is the ultimate gift for any cocktail book collector.


Fermentation as Metaphor  by Sandor Ellix Katz

513serB6DXL._SY498_BO1 204 203 200_buy on [Amazon] [Bookshop]

In 2012, Sandor Ellix Katz published The Art of Fermentation, which quickly became the bible for foodies around the world, a runaway bestseller, and a James Beard Book Award winner. Since then his work has gone on to inspire countless professionals and home cooks worldwide, bringing fermentation into the mainstream.

In Fermentation as Metaphor, stemming from his personal obsession with all things fermented, Katz meditates on his art and work, drawing connections between microbial communities and aspects of human culture: politics, religion, social and cultural movements, art, music, sexuality, identity, and even our individual thoughts and feelings. He informs his arguments with his vast knowledge of the fermentation process, which he describes as a slow, gentle, steady, yet unstoppable force for change.

Throughout this truly one-of-a-kind book, Katz showcases fifty mesmerizing, original images of otherworldly beings from an unseen universe―images of fermented foods and beverages that he has photographed using both a stereoscope and electron microscope―exalting microbial life from the level of “germs” to that of high art. When you see the raw beauty and complexity of microbial structures, Katz says, they will take you “far from absolute boundaries and rigid categories. They force us to reconceptualize. They make us ferment.”

Fermentation as Metaphor broadens and redefines our relationship with food and fermentation. It’s the perfect gift for serious foodies, fans of fermentation, and non-fiction readers alike.



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