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Double Layered Clear Ice Cube Trays In A Cooler

Fruit Bowl and Other Ice Projects Made in a Punch Cooler

Josh Colquitt [facebook page] contacted me on Facebook to share some clear ice work he's been doing. He has been filling a punch cooler (aka "beverage dispenser") with water and freezing with the top off inside a big top-loading freezer. 

The cooler freezes from top to bottom via directional freezing, leaving him with a big round cylinder of ice to use. He then carves stuff out of it using power tools. 

He gave me permission to share pictures of his work, including a huge punch/fruit bowl and other objects. I'd never seen anyone use that container before, great stuff. 


All of the ice projects on Alcademics can be found on this page


131757966_695173738038319_841211046975843258_n (1)
131757966_695173738038319_841211046975843258_n (1)

131757966_695173738038319_841211046975843258_n (1) 130303030_433655397766884_5500635474829526408_n


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Benjamin Tran

Bruh you wet your pants!!!!

I mean, what do you expect right!? Hard work, love it!

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