A Quick Ice Mention on Thrillist
Fruit Bowl and Other Ice Projects Made in a Punch Cooler

My Favorite Posts of 2020

I gathered my favorite posts from 2020 at the links below. My favorite content to write is extra nerdy stuff. Besides that, I included my big book round-up and a couple silly ice posts. 

Check out the list to see if you missed anything good in 2020. 

T1All the Cocktail and Drink Books from 2020 for Reading or Gifting

Mocktail Thesaurus - Alternatives for the Word Mocktail

My Favorite (Nerdiest) Blog Posts About Cognac

A New Book on Chartreuse Corrects the History of the Brand

Cherries Frozen Into Ice Balls

The Use of Fixatives in Tea-Flavored Gin: A Chat with Gerald Rowland of Coit Spirits

Terpenes and Tequila

Getting Nerdy About Soju Production: Sticky Rice, Nuruk Fermentation, Multi ABVs, Korean Production

Distilling Honey Into Vodka: An Interview with Caledonia Spirits Owner/Distiller Ryan Christiansen

Designing A Club Soda From Scratch

Vodka Amplified With Grain-Non-Neutral Spirit and the Best Vodka Soda

Halloween Ice Fun 2020: Bats, Skeleton Hands, Finger Puppets

How Much Alcohol Do Bitters Contribute to a Non-Alcoholic Drink?

Why the Sour Recipes Changed in Dale DeGroff's New Book






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