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Camper - Great site. The picture in the article is as good a post as any for me to ask you and the readers for any views on or recommendations for an ice ball press. Especially if you are an ice company or bar. I am looking for an ice ball press that could make 20 to 30 one after the other. The cheaper and mid range american made presses seem to be all out of stock. Does anyone have experience with or a recommendation for any particular brand either american made or chinese made. And whether they would work say sitting in a bath of warm water. I am sure they all make that 1st ball well, it is just if they can make that 20th ball at the same speed. I don't want to go down the Wintersmith mold route. Thanks in advance for some good responses.

Camper English

@Abel - I don't have any experiences with one brand vs another, sorry. As far as using it one after another, you could sit the bottom part in a shallow tray of running hot water so it would continually refresh its heat. Not sure if that would be enough as the top half needs to be refreshed in warmth as well. If you had two of them it could certainly work, placing them in hot water in between. If I were trying it I would have boiling water nearby and try just dipping it in it in between. As they're super conductive I bet it would warm up pretty quickly. But anyway I don't think any of the commercial ones would be able to make more than a couple in a row from my experience.

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