A Clear Ice Story at VinePair
Ice Jenga

Striped Ice

I made striped ice cubes.


The first time I made striped ice was just before I figured out directional freezing to make clear ice. Having realized that the cloudiness in ice was caused by trapped air and not minerals, I tried to pour very thin layers of water in a tray so that the air might fizz off when the layer froze. It did not work, but it did make cool stripey ice. 


So just for fun I decided to make some striped ice cubes. Using the Dexas IceOlogy tray (my recommendations for ice tools are all here) I filled the water up to the bottom of the tray, let it freeze, then added another layer, let it freeze, then repeated this a couple more times. You should be able to accomplish this more or less with a conventional ice cube tray. 

So each layer is a clear part and a cloudy part. I still like the taste of clear ice better, but these cubes are fun. There are three cubes in the glass.


The index of ice experiment on Alcademics is here



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