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Move Over Blanton's, These GWAR Whiskey Bottle Toppers are Monstrous

You've been GWARned! GWAR bottle stoppers are coming. 




As you are probably aware, each bottle of Blanton's bourbon comes with a groovy topper of a jockey on a horse in one of 8 positions. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 3.53.31 PM

Well, now you can get one topped with members of GWAR with your purchase of Catoctin Creek's Ragnarök Rye beginning (and surely, ending) on May 28, 2021. 

The product is: 

Aged in charred new white oak, then sugar maple and cherrywood, each bottle of Catoctin Creek’s 92-proof intergalactic rye whisky comes with a cast-metal collectable bottle topper featuring each of the five members of GWAR: Blóthar the Berserker; Balsac the Jaws of Death; Jizmak da Gusha; Beefcake the Mighty; and Pustulus Maximus.

In the press release, they say:

Catoctin Creek founder and general manager, Scott Harris [says], "The band members drank everything we distilled, and then demanded we create bottle toppers using rare metal ore sourced from the fillings of trolls,” continues Harris. “I knew our original schedule was shot. I mean, it's really cool to have rare metal in our bottle design, but it was hard rounding up all those trolls."

To buy it: 

Up to 200 cases of Ragnarök Rye (92 proof/46% ABV) $99/750mL will be available throughout Catoctin Creek’s national distribution footprint beginning Friday, May 28, with more on the way soon. It will also be on sale in the distillery’s online store for curbside pickup or direct shipping in Virginia only. Pre-sale orders can be purchased through Catoctin Creek Rye Society™ members may contact the distillery to obtain a bottle any time before the release date. For more information, video content, or merchandise, visit and


More pics:





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Chandini Davis

This is amazing. A Gwar tiki mug from their bar is on my list to visit and get one irl.

Camper English

Wow I didn't realize GWAR bar was still open; thought it was a pop-up.

Luke Liggett

What company makes their bottle toppers?

Camper English

Luke - Not sure but at least in their magazine has listings for specialty bottle top makers.


You can check our Apholos Metal Labels & Closures.
They can make this type of cool stoppers.

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