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Cocktail Bars in Honolulu and a Couple on Maui

I went to Hawaii for the first time in about 7 years last week. Here are some bars you can visit. 


Hau Tree - Beachside restaurant, both food and drinks great. Make a reservation though, it's not a beach bar. The beach outside is perfect so pack your swim stuff for after (as long as you're sober enough to swim safely).

Camper Mai Tai1

Podmore - Special occasion cocktail bar with $30 show-stopper drinks (plus some regular ones). The occasion? You're on Hawaii, do it. 


Heyday - Poolside bar in a motor lodge type hotel, retro. Sherry cobbler. 


Wild Orange - A speakeasy/hidden entrance type place with great drinks, hip design, and vegan snacks. 

Wild Orange9

I didn't visit but you should:

  • Bevy
  • Bar Leather Apron
  • Skull and Crown Trading Company 
  • Pint + Jigger is reopening in December or January in a new location


Bars on Maui

Ester's Fair Prospect. Clarified milk punch, sherry everywhere, etc. A must. 


Bumbye Beach Bar at the Andaz. Had a swell Mai Tai here. 


The Pint and Cork. In a mall, hearty, flavorful drinks. 



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did you have to make a reservation or pay to get in the speakeasy at the Wild Orange?

Camper English

@sam - A friend made a reservation, but I don't think the number is public. Honestly I'm not sure if you can just show up but I think so.

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