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Cutting Up a Slab of Ice Using an Ice Pick or Bread Knife

IMG_7132Years ago I learned how to cut up slabs of ice using only an ice pick, but boy have I improved my technique since then. 

But the method is the same: 

  • Fill a cooler with water and put it in the freezer with the top off.
  • After a couple days pull it out and dump out the unfrozen water. You'll have just a clear slab.
  • Wait for it to temper before cutting.
  • With a bread knife or an ice pick, score a line across the surface.
  • Set the knife across the surface in the groove, or put the ice pick in the center of the line.
  • With a mallet or muddler or hammer or (in my case the back of another ice pick) whack the knife or ice pick.
  • The ice should split into two.
  • Repeat, cutting the block in half each time - I think it's easier/less prone to splitting unevenly than trying to cut a cube off the side. 

Here are some new pictures I took: 

IMG_7045 IMG_7087
IMG_7087 IMG_7104

All of the ice posts can be found at the Index of Ice Experiments


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Jeff W

What about using a bandsaw? I have a food grade saw but noticed the blade gets a residue on it after running it a minute or two. Only shows up where the blade touches the action wheels. Just curious if anyone has tried using a bandsaw and what the results were like.

Camper English

@Jeff W - Yes For industrial sized production, many people use a big band saw. I do know of one person who uses a food-safe portable one to cut ice too, but I don't know about residue. Is it oil? Could it be replaced with food-grade oil if it's not already? I don't much about them, sorry.

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