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The brand Gin Mare and the Madrid bar Salmon Guru have collaborated on a project aging cocktails in amphorae under the Mediterranean Sea, and then recreating that in a tank. 

The rest of this post is pasted from the press release. 

The aim of this project, which is still in the research and development phase, is to study and analyze the effects of seawater submersion on the various cocktails made from Gin Mare.

Under the direction of renowned bartender Diego Cabrera of Salmon Guru and marine biologist and professional diver Helena Margot, a total of 12, 3-liter sealed amphorae were submerged in a secret location in Ibiza in on September 7, 2021. Designed by local artisan Álvaro Villamañán, the amphorae were filled with three Gin Mare cocktails crafted by Cabrera.

All of the vessels filled with cocktails were extracted at various points by end of 2021; while one amphora filled solely with Gin Mare will remain underwater for an entire year to be studied by Cabrera and Margot.

“It is clear that the sea had an influence on the cocktails,” says Cabrera. “There was a controlled transmission of sea salt and other minerals through the osmosis process, imparting a subtle, well-integrated hint of the Mediterranean Sea into the cocktails that is quite desirable.”

Now in its second phase, Cabrera is continuing the Ultramare project’s experimental process by submerging Gin Mare cocktails in amphorae in 50-liter tanks of seawater in a laboratory setting; aiming to replicate the conditions of the Mediterranean Sea indoors. 


Here's a video:




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