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Three Brands of Nonalcoholic Bitters

There are now at least three brands of nonalcoholic cocktail bitters on the market. 

It was formerly commonly believed that Fee Brothers bitters were nonalcoholic, but that is not true: they have a glycerin base, but the flavor extracts used in each have alcohol. Their bitters range in overall alcohol content. 

When I was making nonalcoholic cocktails for events (remember events?) I was extremely hesitant to use alcoholic bitters in nonalcoholic cocktails. I've covered the issue I these posts:


The three nonalcoholic bitters brands that I know about are:

Dram Apothecary: These were the first that I knew about. They seem largely to have moved into CBD beverages, but their bitters are nonalcoholic. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 11.02.42 AM

All The Bitter: This new brand is all nonalcoholic. 


El Guapo Bitters: Their website only seems to mention it in hidden text, but a recent article about the company revealed that they are nonalcoholic. I confirmed via message with the company: "Our bitters are 0% ABV. We do not use alcohol, rather, we use non GMO vegetable based glycerin, and we built our own supply chain so we're sourcing our raw ingredients directly and make each product using a brewing process in our New Orleans manufacturing facility."






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