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Doctors and Distillers/The Perfect Tonic a Finalist for the André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards

I was delighted to learn that The Perfect Tonic, the name in the UK for Doctors and Distillers, has made it to the short list for the André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards

X400The four finalists are: 

A Sense of Place by Dave Broom
Drinking with the Valkyries by Andrew Jefford
Imperial Wine by Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
The Perfect Tonic by Camper English

Some good company there! 


The organization put out a statement: 

This year's Drinks assessor Matt Walls discusses the shortlist: "Our final drinks shortlist contains four contrasting styles of book, all of which are equally absorbing. Dave Broom's A Sense of Place transports you to Scotland so vividly you can almost smell the whisky, as he looks at its links to people, place, culture and community. In The Perfect Tonic, Camper English covers the fascinating and peculiar medicinal history of beer, wines, spirits and cocktails with irrepressible flair and wit. In her eye-opening, meticulously-researched Imperial Wine Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre examines how deeply the roots of the international wine trade are embedded in Empire and settler colonialism. And finally, in Drinking with the Valkyries, Andrew Jefford lets us share his wonder of wine through his peerlessly precise use of the English language."




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