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Review of Holy Waters by Tom Morton

26 New Drink Books for Early Summer 2023

This is a list of the new drink books coming out between April through June of 2023 that I know about. 

You can view all of these books together at this link at Bookshop or this one on Amazon


The Ice Book: Cool Cubes, Clear Spheres, and Other Chill Cocktail Crafts [amazon][bookshop]

81mrypSfMfLIce: From Mixed Drinks to Skating Rinks--a Cool History of a Hot Commodity [amazon][bookshop]

I'll Drink to That!: Broadway's Legendary Stars, Classic Shows, and the Cocktails They Inspired [amazon][bookshop]

The Perfect Mix: Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned as a Bartender [amazon][bookshop]

Backcountry Cocktails: Civilized Drinks for Wild Places [amazon][bookshop]

Tropical Standard: Cocktail Techniques & Reinvented Recipes [amazon][bookshop]

Trejo's Cantina: Cocktails, Snacks & Amazing Non-Alcoholic Drinks from the Heart of Hollywood [amazon][bookshop]

Agave Spirits: The Past, Present, and Future of Mezcals [amazon][bookshop]

The Book of Cocktail Ratios: The Surprising Simplicity of Classic Cocktails [amazon][bookshop]

Rum Made Me Do It: 60 Tantalizingly Tropical Cocktails [amazon][bookshop]

Saved by the Bellini: & Other 90s-Inspired Cocktails - A Cocktail Book [amazon][bookshop]

Fermenting Change: The Politics, Corruptions and Reform of the Three-Tier System of Alcohol Regulation [amazon]

Trap Kitchen: The Art of Street Cocktails [amazon][bookshop]

How to Taste: A Guide to Discovering Flavor and Savoring Life [amazon][bookshop]

Oregon Moonshine: Bootleggers, Busts & Brawls [amazon][bookshop]

The Absinthe Frappé (Iconic New Orleans Cocktails) [amazon][bookshop]

Eddie Muller's Noir Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the World of Film Noir [amazon][bookshop]

71p0bxkRyQLStrong, Sweet and Bitter: Your Guide to All Things Cocktails, Bartending and Booze from Behind the Bar [amazon][bookshop]

Buzzworthy: Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats [amazon][bookshop]

Seasons of Cognac [amazon][bookshop]

Champagne Magnum Opus [amazon][bookshop]

Afternoon Tea Is the New Happy Hour: More than 75 Recipes for Tea, Small Plates, Sweets and More [amazon][bookshop

Tequila Mockingbird (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition): Cocktails with a Literary Twist [amazon][bookshop]

Los Angeles Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the City of Angels [amazon][bookshop]

Trappist Beer Travels, Second Edition: Inside the Breweries of the Monasteries [amazon][bookshop]

Fires, Floods, Explosions, and Bloodshed: A History of Texas Whiskey [amazon][bookshop]






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