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Trying the New Clearly Frozen Clear Ice Tray Inserts

I've long been a fan of the Clearly Frozen clear ice cube tray. It's value priced at $40 (including shipping) and makes 10, 2-inch cubes at a time. 

Well now they've released two more trays that fit into the original base (which cost $20 each), so I tested them out. Short answer: they're great! 

You can order them on Amazon:

They're actually quite adaptable - you can fill them about twice as deep as that 1.3 inches to make them wider collins or taller cubes. You can see in the pictures below that I overfilled both trays, but particularly the collins cubes are wider than normal. I was in a rush, I got sloppy!

Take a look and if you want to buy them please follow the links above as so far they're listed on Amazon but not on the main ClearlyFrozen site. (They're also a bit hard to find on Amazon since other companies stole the original design- please don't support them.)


Clearly frozen trays new inserts6
Clearly frozen trays new inserts6
Clearly frozen trays new inserts6
Clearly frozen trays new inserts6
Clearly frozen trays new inserts6


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Richard Newton

Hi Camper, I noticed a couple times that the ice has been placed in what looks like a salad spinner basket? If that's correct, do you use the spinner to dry the cubes before storing? Thanks, love your work.

Camper English

@Richard - Correct it's a salad spinner basket. I use it like a colander because it drains and allows airflow. In the freezer I drop cubes in it when wet then shake them up every 10 minutes or so so they don't stick together... but stupidly I don't spin them first to dry them off. Going to do that next time!.

Joe Stevens

What is the best way to separate the blue mold from the ice on the bottom?

Camper English

@Joe Stevens
You can be patient and wait until it pulls off - but let's be honest none of us do that :)
What I do it break it off - A couple of jabs to the bottom of the block with an ice pick is all it needs to split and it falls off the blue tray super easily after that.

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