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31 Fall Winter Holiday 2023 Drink Books

Here is a list of 31 drink books coming out near the end of 2023! This isn't every cocktail book coming out (and there are plenty of beer and wine ones I didn't include) but a selection of them. 

Happy reading or gifting or just putting them on your coffee table. 



A Field Guide to Tequila: What It Is, Where It’s From, and How to Taste It [amazon][bookshop]

How to Taste: A Guide to Discovering Flavor and Savoring Life [amazon][bookshop]

Signature Cocktails [amazon][bookshop]

The Encyclopedia of Cocktails: The People, Bars & Drinks, with More Than 100 Recipes  [amazon][bookshop]

Slow Drinks [amazon][bookshop]

Drinking with Wizards, Warriors and Dragons: 85 unofficial drink recipes inspired by The Lord of the Rings, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Stormlight Archive and other fantasy favorites [amazon][bookshop]

The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom [amazon][bookshop]

Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, and Juice: A Cocktail Recipe Book: Cocktails from Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks [amazon][bookshop]

Dad Made Mocktails: For Moms-To-Be [amazon]

A Booze & Vinyl Christmas: Merry Music-and-Drink Pairings to Celebrate the Season [amazon][bookshop]

Dive Bar: Over 50 cocktails to drink after dark [amazon][bookshop]

Single AF Cocktails: Drinks for Bad B*tches [amazon][bookshop]

Holiday Coupetails [amazon][bookshop]

The Official Emily in Paris Cocktail Book: Glamorous Mixed Drinks for Any Time of Day [amazon][bookshop]

Agatha Whiskey: 50 Cocktails to Celebrate the Bestselling Novelist of All Time [amazon][bookshop]

Mr Lyan’s Cocktails at Home: Good Things to Drink with Friends [amazon][bookshop]

Party Drinks: 62 Nonalcoholic Dirty Sodas, Punches & More to Celebrate! [amazon][bookshop]

Juniperlooza: Gin-soaked Cocktails and Concoctions [amazon][bookshop]

Dragtails: Fierce Cocktails Inspired by Drag Royalty [amazon][bookshop]

Nixology: Low-to-no Alcohol Cocktails  [amazon][bookshop]

Food With Spirit: Alcohol-Infused Recipes [amazon][bookshop]

How to Make Better Cocktails: Cocktail techniques, pro-tips and recipes [amazon][bookshop]

Every Cocktail Has a Twist: Master 25 Classic Drinks and Craft More Than 200 Variations [amazon][bookshop]

Disco Drinks: 60 Decadent and Delicious Cocktails, Pitcher Drinks, and No/Lo Sippers [amazon][bookshop]

A Passion for Whisky: How the tiny Scottish island of Islay creates malts that captivate the world  [amazon][bookshop]

For the Love of Cocktails: The Everyday Guide to Delightful Drinks for Anyone, Anytime [amazon][bookshop]

Endangered Eating: America's Vanishing Foods [amazon][bookshop]

The Perfect Mix: Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned as a Bartender [amazon][bookshop]

The Book of Cocktail Ratios: The Surprising Simplicity of Classic Cocktails [amazon][bookshop]

Champagne Magnum Opus [amazon][bookshop]

Oregon Moonshine: Bootleggers, Busts & Brawls [amazon][bookshop]


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Note: The links are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you purchase through them. Please do!


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