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A Quirky Bar Tour in San Francisco with Nikka Whisky

The global finals for the Nikka Perfect Serve cocktail competition were in San Francisco, so the brand asked me to lead the bartenders on a short tour. It was a Sunday and the competition was the next morning, so that was a bit limiting and I decided to make it more of a quirky tour than a "best bars" route. 

We reserved one of those hop-on hop-off busses and took it over Golden Gate Bridge, then back to the Buena Vista for an Irish Coffee. On the bus ride I took over the microphone and gave bartenders a history of San Francisco and its cocktails talk. 

We next headed to North Beach where we had burritos delivered to Spec's. We made a quick stop at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and then had a Chinese Mai Tai at Li Po Lounge. 

A few brave souls then followed me to ABV and True Laurel after that. It was a terrific day! 

If you're coming to SF and want some version of a guided cocktail tour, hit me up for rates and info!

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