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Absinthe Gaining Popularity For Real Though This Time?

I provided some quotes for an InsideHook story about absinthe called, "There’s a New Generation Embracing Absinthe in America."

Lately, however, absinthe has been enjoying a small but steady burst of interest. Bars are devoting their menus to it, or at least boasting large collections; cocktails like Death in the Afternoon are reappearing; secret societies, meet-up groups and events centered around it are popping up. Could we finally see an era of true understanding, accurate information and genuine appreciation for absinthe?

One of my quotes was:

Even as people like Breaux, Stashak, Newbrough and Osborne work to get the word out about absinthe’s total safety and legality, there’s a flavor hurdle. But that challenge is quickly fading, according to writer Camper English. “When it came back onto the U.S. market, a lot of people had no idea what it would taste like, and a lot of them found the anise notes not to their liking,” he says. “Now not only is a new generation trying absinthe for the first time a bit further removed from that hype, people’s palates have changed and they’re drinking more flavorful beverages than they were in 2007, things like mezcal and amari.”

Read the full story here.


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