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A Series of Cocktail Book Events in San Francisco

I'm hosting a series of cocktail book related events in San Francisco! Y'all know I love drink books - studying them, reading them, and sometimes even writing them. 

The series will be hosted on Monday afternoons at the Hotaling offices near the TransAmerica Pyramid, roughly once per month. The timing was chosen as it is usually a good day for bartenders on their days off. 

The first seminar features special guest Marcovaldo Dionysos, a legend in the San Francisco bar community. This kick-off event is April 8th, 2024 and will take place from 1-2:30PM

Sign up here, and then if you can make this first event please rsvp at the link on the confirmation page when you submit. 


Marco flyer


You probably know bartender Dionysos from his stints at Absinthe, Smuggler’s Cove, and Comstock Saloon, among other San Francisco venues, but did you know he’s been collecting vintage cocktail books since 1991? Before there were modern reprints or even ebooks, Marco was going direct to the sources to learn about the cocktails of old.

In this seminar, Marco will share how he got started collecting (to learn about one specific cocktail that you probably won’t be able to guess) and his expertise on what are the hardest-to-find and most valuable books, the most interesting ones, surprising scores, lost treasures, and highlights from his approximately 400-book collection that includes an 1862 first printing of Jerry Thomas’ Bar-Tender’s Guide among many other gems.

Please sign up for the Hotaling Hospitality Hub newsletter to learn how to RSVP for this and future events. If you’re not local or can’t make this talk, you can get on the mailing list anyway to learn about future events locally and in other markets, and for all sorts of summaries and videos in the works.

Sign up here!


Future seminars, subject to change: 

  • Collecting Vintage Cocktail Books with Marcovaldo Dionysos
  • Highlights and Novelties from the Hotaling Cocktail Book Collection
  • Researching Cocktail History Online: Resources and Strategies
  • The Most Important (and Useful) Drinks Books of All Time!
  • Hidden? Figures. Historic Cocktail Writing by Women and People of Color
  • Cocktail CSI: Trailing a Cocktail Suspect Through Vintage Drink Books

I hope to see you at a seminar or two. 




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