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Thanks for Something

Remember in June when I received pretty much the best press kit ever- an empty bottle of liquor? It was from Knob Creek in a press release called "Thanks for Nothing" about the shortage of Knob Creek. They'd run out of barrels of the stuff to bottle. Word on the... Read more →

Gaga for Vodka

Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" has some product placement in it, this time for Nemiroff vodka. I usually don't care about things of this nature, but when Lady Gaga does something it's good to pay attention. In her previous video for LoveGame, people were apparently drinking Campari out of... Read more →

Grand Marnier: Your Doin' It Right

While most liquor advertisements feature aspirational images like oysters on the beach, models in impossibly slick nightclubs, and cocktail glasses the size of kiddie pools, occasionally I see one that I really like. This one was in Conde Nast Traveler. Nice work, Grand Marnier. Read more →

Sponsored Post: One Month to WhiskyFest SF

Well hello! I'm pleased to announce that Malt Advocate's WhiskyFest has become an Alcademics sponsor. The San Francisco WhiskyFest event is October 16, so start planning your outfit. See that little ad banner over there? It does have an important piece of information, that until Sept 25th the ticket price... Read more →

Vodka Marketing Switcheroo

It wasn't until the new Belvedere IX product launched that I noticed the marketing switcheroo happening with some ultra-premium vodkas. For a while, Belvedere has been running those Terry Richardson photos with Vincent Gallo portraying Belvedere as the vodka of choice for downtown young rich partiers. It was clear they... Read more →