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Almost All the Cocktail and Spirits Books Published in 2017 for Reading or Gifting

Behold! Here is my round-up of all the cocktails and spirits books (plus a few others) that were released in 2017. This year, beyond the annual deluge of whisky books, there are books aping the bartender lifestyle (Drink Like a Bartender, Straight Up), more narrative books (I Hear She's a Real Bitch, By the Smoke and the Smell), and recipe books seeking to simplify the process (3 Ingredient Cocktails, The Imbible, Road Soda) rather than reveal the secrets of complex drinks from top bars. All in all, another great year for reading about drinking.  Read more →

Complete aquavit

M y pal Hope S. Philbrick from Atlanta has a story in Friday's San Francisco Chronicle on aquavit and how it's consumed in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. And she oughtta know- every time I talk to her she's off to somewhere else in Scandinavia. Soon she'll start growing horns like... Read more →