New Drink Books Late Summer 2021: Seltzer, Cider, Tequila, Negronis, and More

As there will be a TREMENDOUS amount of new drink books coming out this September and October, I figured I shouldn't wait to post a round-up of new books until then. Below are a bunch of books available right now. As usual, the description of the texts are from the... Read more →

New Drink Books Summer 2021

I haven't done a new books post yet this year, so there are almost 30 of them. As usual, the write-ups are from the publishers and are not reviews by me. I have purchase links to Bookshop, which supports independent bookstores, as well as Amazon, which does not. If you'd... Read more →

Ice Jenga

I bought some collins-sized ice cube trays (these ones) and decided to make an ice spear version of Jenga. I mean, why not? I didn't expect it would actually work. I mean, it didn't work all that well but I was able to get three out! Probably the second two... Read more →