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Glossy Booze: Mid-August Edition

Glossy Booze is a regular Alcademics feature in which I note the coverage of alcohol in glossy magazines. Fine Cooking (August/September) has a story on beer cocktails written by Lew Bryson. Sherman's Travel (summer 2009) lists which Napa wines to buy now. In Gourmet (August) David Wondrich writes a story... Read more →

Cachaca Intensive

A couple weeks ago, I attended a cachaca intensive with Minister of Rum Ed Hamilton and Cabana cachaca distiller Cesar Cestari. Here is some of what I learned. Up to six grams per liter of sugar may be added to cachaca without declaring it on the label. Between six and... Read more →


Of all the competitions between all the spirits brands, there is no more heated battle than the one for dominance of the cachaca market. Cachaca, Brazilian rum made from sugar cane (instead of molasses) is the ingredient in the Caipirinha, the drink many people are banking on to become the... Read more →