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Greg Schwartz

Disney basically lets you bring on whatever you can hand-carry onto the ship. Of course, the price of the cruise is accordingly higher than a cruise on an otherwise comparable line.

Camper English

Thanks! I wouldn't have guessed Disney would have a liberal alcohol policy, but then again with all those kids around the adults probably need it the most!


I've read that Seabourn allows liquor to be brought on board both at embarcation and at visited ports. But since wine, beer, and liquor are complimentary onboard Seabourn ships I'd only bring special or expensive booze. I've never been able to find out just how much they really do allow the passengers to drink.

Camper English

I just search the heck out of their website and couldn't find any info for Seabourne. Maybe it's in the individual ship's rules.

Nicolas Constantin

Having worked in several cruise lines I can be almost certain that most small scale cruise lines with open bar policies have very few restrictions regarding alcohol. The one I worked with was Ponant (a french small size cruise line) wich has virtually no policies for passengers. Im quite sure that lines like Seabourn, Silversea, Residences at Sea, Regent, Azamara, Paul Gaugain, etc. don't really have alcohol policies for passengers (most of them include open bar programs) except in the event that there is a charter cruise in wich some group has chartered the ship. There is usually some special policy in that case.

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