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Shrubs For Dummies

Last week I took a shrub-making class, lead by Jennifer Colliau of Small Hand Foods and Aaron Gregory of 15 Romolo. (Blueberry-Raspberry-Thyme Shrub Ready for Vinegar) The class was co-hosted by CUESA, Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, who puts on the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, farm tours, and... Read more →

An Online Course in Cognac

I'm increasingly interested in how different alcohol production/control and marketing bureaus differ from each other in their approach to promoting their common interests. The Scotch Whisky Association leads by litigation and has good information on its website, but doesn't seem to do all that much outreach to press. Neither tequila's... Read more →

More Masters in Bartending

As I mentioned before, the Beverage Alcohol Resource program (BAR) provides a series of courses for bartenders, spirit professionals, journalists, and now enthusiasts to learn more about booze and bartending. They offer BARSmarts Wired, BARSmarts Advanced, the five-day BAR, and they just launched a Master's level program with a thesis... Read more →