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Watching Ice Melt

This animation is about as exciting as it sounds. I took that ice block with the Chambord bottle frozen inside, and let it melt (since I don't have a punchbowl large enough in which to use it as a giant ice cube). It took all day to melt, and it... Read more →

Ice: Live!

Next week during Portland Cocktail Week, I'll be speaking about my favorite thing: ice! Rocks Off! Ice Seminar Sunday, October 24 @ 1:00pm Join some of the most creative minds in ice including Anu Apte, Evan Zimmerman and Camper English as they talk about their favorite cocktail ingredient: ice. They... Read more →

Ice Meets Chainsaw

Ice nerds got a real treat this Tuesday, for Andrew Bohrer from Seattle was guest bartending in San Francisco along with Amanda Womack from Cask. He brought chainsaw Thursday to the city in order to chop up giant blocks of clear ice from an industrial ice maker into big cubes... Read more →