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Lindsey Ito

I wanted to get the email address for who I would submit the product

How To Be A Bartender

Great list of blogs! This is a countless number to go through

Robert Contreras

Thanks for the Booze info. Robert Contreras.

Clark Burton

Loved your book. Lots of great info.
I too am a "perfect ice" nerd. Been making good ice for 10 years, first 5 on home-made contraptions, last 5 on modified purchased units. The best I've tried is ClearlyFrozen.
A couple of things I've learned to get REALLY perfect cubes, with extensive trial and error:
Our tap water is very hard (TDS 450), so I use reverse osmosis. Big improvement.
Adding extra small holes in the corners of the silicone helps a lot.
The ClearlyFrozen foam box is too thin for my process. I added another 1/2" on all sides. MUCH better directional freezing.
Degassing the water helps. I use a Vac-U-Vin with Kettle One bottles (the only 1.75ml that works with Vac-U-Vin) for a day or so. Really helps.
A granite or marble slab is great for polishing the surfaces of cubes. Even a 12" tile works. Temper first, of course.

Camper English

@Clark Thanks - That's interesting that the Vac-U-Win helps! I've not tried the marble slab (next time I come across one I'll bring it home)- as you saw in the book I've been using the bottom of a spaghetti pot :)

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